” He said he’d send her the cash to pay the customs tax.Susan* Googled the courier company and decided to call them after seeing they're not South African-based. “This sounds kind of legit, yet when I called the airport they had no record of this company.

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BY KITT WALSH Even at our age, when we are “supposed to know better,” our heads can get carried away by our hearts and we can find ourselves vulnerable to people who prey on others, via online dating scams.

There is even a name for these unethical folks; they are called “catfish” and they make it their business to reel you into schemes to steal your identity, empty your wallet or, worse, marry you and plunder your estate.

By law, you’re entitled to a free copy of your credit report once every twelve months.

Annual Credit is the only government authorized website for ordering your free annual credit report, but the internet is full of imposter sites.

A symptom of the sociopath’s profound mesmerizing effect on their prey. Ten months later – looking into the eyes of a scary-scary stranger – I told him to leave.

I fell in love in seconds, so deeply, over the moon.

Putting yourself out there is difficult, and let’s face it, dating is just downright scary sometimes.

So the last thing you need as a singleton is to be scammed while trying to meet someone online, right?

Soon after, he started promising her extravagant gifts (Chanel, Tiffany jewellery, Louboutin heels), messaging: “I got you something nice” – sending a picture of a Rolex watch. Just before meeting he got called home for an emergency. But then he asks her to pay the customs tax for the gifts – it must be paid via EFT.