I felt totaly safe all the time (travelling solo), and had nothing bad happening to me. If you have stamps from other arabic countries, they will give you a hard time (immigration, security). "where - when - who - how", even asking my grandfather's name and stuff like that. From Tel Aviv it is roughly 5hours by bus to Eilat. Allenby Street is the central spot for bars and clubs, with more than 20 clubs within one small area, offering house, funk, disco and techno. There is always some concerts, reagge parties, dance events etc. Israelis are very friendly and make the effort to bring you into their social circle. Jerusalem is more for zealots, and Haifa is for hard workers. I once heard that if you meet a girl on the trip, they will pay for your wedding if you get married in Israel. If you volunteer on certain kibbutz's there are programs where they will teach you Hebrew. Israel isn't going anywhere any time soon I did birthright. Free flights, free stay in 4 star hotels, free foods. I'm going on birthright in a week and I'm extending the trip for a month. The Market is a day time market that converts into bunch of small bars at night.

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They urged me to start hosting trunk shows, showcasing my favorite designer pieces, and the idea struck a chord. My Palo Alto store was followed by four more in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Berkeley, and Venice, and I am so excited about my new stores opening soon!

One day as I was walking in Palo Alto I looked around and my internal voice cheered at me “you can do it! Today, I both design and curate unique, ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, which together create a singular and carefully-orchestrated collection.

However at the hospital, he couldn't be consoled and was hysterical out of hunger.

Yamen had been exclusively breastfed and cried for seven hours as he refused to take any bottle and doctors focused on caring for his mom's severe head injury.

After many years in the high tech industry, I allowed myself to follow my heart and what I really love: fashion.

When I moved to the States from Tel Aviv, I missed my favorite brands.But it is important to understand that not everyone who has SSA is an addict.We’ve found that some people with SSA are able to develop healthy opposite gender attraction, while some don't succeed.Or just be honest like I was, and say you came to see if it's true what they say about the girls! You will have no problemen getting a cab anytime of the day/night. It is a small country - no need to be flying around. There is something for everyones wallet (cheapest room being at ). Hilton and Sheraton is offcourse to be found in Tel Aviv. 6USD is the cost of a local beer 8USD is imported beer (average in clubs/bars). excellent food from all over the world; Indian, mexican,sushi, italian, local, french, asian, vegetarian, healthyfood and offcourse seafood. The girls are hot, confident, chill, down-to-earth , loves to go out, drink (but not excessive drunk) smoke and party. You might find them intimidating and difficult (that seems to be the rumour)! Israeli men and women serve a mandatory three-year period of service in the army. Keep your eyes and ears open to find out which parties are on while you are in Israel. And if you get a chance go to Gaza or the West Banks! Met the people, let them share their stories, expand your mind. Tel Aviv beaches are good and packed during the summer. Just telling a JAP you've been to Israel and all the cool stuff she missed on her birthright trip is like skipping ahead 2-3 hours in the seduction. I wondered around and found a salsa night at a bar called Bell Wood.hahaha Having an Israeli stamp in you'r passport, you will get denied entry to; Lebanon, Syria, Iran, they might deny you in U. If you are planing to go during major Jewish holidays be sure to book far in advance, the prices will also raise hefty. Eating out you should expect spending anything from and up. Tel Aviv is a great place if you like food and appreciate fresh products and gourmet restaurants. You've might have heard that Israeli guys are rude, aggressive and loud assholes. But the average age of first sexual experience is 17y and "women referring to themselves as liberal in bed" being 72%.... The thing is ; these girls have these macho wannabe latino dudes hitting on them all the time..you need to be alittle more original...that's all! Some groups are well known and have party organizers distributing invitations in different venues around town. There is new clubs shoting up all the time, and old one being closed. Some one told me Tel Aviv is the Rio de Janeiro of beach culture in the Middle East. April - september if you would like to hit the beach. It was packed and if you can salsa I think your chances would be pretty high here.We’ve put together a variety of SSA resources for you on the right side of this page, and you are invited to peruse the articles below.