If large values (such as 9999) are entered into c1 and c2, then the computation of c3 might exceed the allowable INTEGER limit.

The size limitations for data types are determined by your database specification.

Tip: I have had more success downloading this file by using the HP Download manager.

error occured validating-70

HP ALM/QC installation is little bit tricky, but this comprehensive installation guide makes it super easy with exact steps and screen shots you need to follow in order to install and start using HP Quality Center test management software on your machine. If you have not registered with HP, do so quickly and when the following screen appears choose the version you need depending on the OS you have. Note: The set of instructions in this article are going to be for a windows machine. Software_HP_QC_ALM_11.50_Windows_English_T7333-15018 is the file that gets downloaded.

It’s a 2.5 GB file and it takes approximately 2 hours to download (also depends on your network speed).

The Office 365 Hybrid configuration run without any issues.

We did some tests like the mail flow, by validating the outbound connector, performed a successful migration of a test mailbox etc. It was now time to have a look at the user experience.

Well, users with an on-premises mailbox were able to see free/ busy information from mailboxes running on Exchange Online.

But users with an online mailbox were not able to see the free/ busy information from the on-premises users.

When this error occurs, the calculation stops and the remainder of the results pane is not filled.

Computed columns are often the cause of arithmetic overflows.

For example, consider the case where columns c1, c2, and c3 are defined as a data type of INTEGER.

Further, assume that c3 is computed using the formula ([c1] * [c2]).

Now it should not give "Something happened" error message. In right-side pane, create a new DWORD Allow OSUpgrade and set its value to 1 4.