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Her list of BFs isn’t as long as, say, Kendall Jenner‘s — although most of Kendall’s “relationships” are just unconfirmed rumors — but with guys this hot, quality is wayyyy over quantity.

How many girls can say they hooked up with a wrapped, she made her return to the big screen.

Ludwig and Robb met each other in 2008, when they was filming movie Race to Witch Mountain.

Then she gave up her practice because it was hard for her to manage time as a lot of acting opportunities were on her way.

They are lovely couple despite their age difference. It probably means, that she already broke up with Chris Wood, young actor she met on the set of The Carrie Diaries. Chris Wood was starring in 6 episodes of The Carrie Diaries as handsome Adam Weaver.

Anna Sophia’s character Carrie Bradshaw loses her virginity to him.

Emotions were running high with Vanessa looking close to tears as she soaked in the applause alongside co-stars Victoria Clark who plays her grandmother Mamita and Corey Cott who stars as love interest Gaston Lachaille.

British writer Heidi Thomas, who worked on the BBC’s Call the Midwife and the updated Upstairs, Downstairs has given the story a makeover, upping Vanessa's character's age from to 16 to 18 while Gaston is now 25, not middle aged.

Consequently, Robb catches the eyes of several directors and then she began working for them.

Till date, she has delivered her best in various movies and television series.

The Carrie Diaries breakthrough star - who was cast as a young Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex And The City prequel series - claims acting intimate with her co-star Austin Butler is awkward, especially since he's madly in love with his real life girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and she doesn't feel ready for that kind of commitment just yet.