The blog alleges Faris is “a ‘wreck’ now and not into middle-aged dating.” The repeatedly discredited outlet claims a “friend” of hers says, “Anna can’t believe she’s going to have to start dating again in her 40s.” “Just thinking about it makes her break down in tears…

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For the most part, the articles take possible scenarios like . What parents want to expose their kids to the pain associated with divorce?

Rather than publishing what might or could be possible, Gossip Cop actually fact-checks every claim to the best of our ability.

The bottom line is Hollywood Lies makes up fake news around actual occurrences.

Since the couple announced their split a week ago, the site has been churning out a slew of stories designed to capitalize on their breakup.

Late last night, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt took to social media to announce that they were separating after eight years of marriage.

Needless to say, the news of their breakup prompted a swift reaction from the internet, with many fans mourning the couple in response to their nearly identical posts.Unfortunately, other fans were quick to seek someone else to blame, and decided to insert Jennifer Lawrence into the narrative, pointing the finger at her for the reason why Chris and Anna split.You might remember that Jennifer and Chris shared the screen together in last year, which prompted rumors that the two were having an affair.the word on the street is it was Chris’ sudden rise to fame that did them in.” Are readers really supposed to believe that while the blog acknowledges it doesn’t know “the exact catalyst for the separation,” it somehow is privy to Faris’ deep down thoughts and fears?Wouldn’t the alleged “friend” who gave the site its “dating” story know something larger like the reason why the actress and Pratt split?Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation this morning, bringing to an end an eight-year relationship that made them (almost unarguably) Hollywood’s most likeable couple.