(He received a quarterback rating of just 22.2 while his previous low was last December, when then-girlfriend Carrie Underwood was in the stands.) Will Romo get his mojo back in time when the Cowboys face off against the Carolina Panthers on Saturday? 25 pictures inside of Jessica Simpson laying low in Texas…

"Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" was my anthem as a child. We're probably missing out on a lot of wonderful talent. But I've been in hotels where I will not take my shoes off. I've seen more basements of venues than I've seen of the United States.

Following the completion of the primary mission(s), it was then off to the even greater unknown – interstellar space – and then each of these spacecraft will continue to broadcast their findings back to Earth, until their plutonium fuel is finally diminished (in about 10-15 years) at which point they will simply become drifting pieces of Earthly information; thus the gold records and the recordings on them.

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Historical faith-and-football drama from Pure Flix/Provident Films/Lightworkers Media outperforms opening weekend box-office projections LOS ANGELES, Calif., (Oct.

21, 2015) – The faith-based football drama WOODLAWN entered rarified air in its opening weekend, earning an accolade from audiences bestowed on only a handful of films each year The movie, an exhilarating true-life high school football story about revival and reconciliation that offers hope for overcoming the racial crises facing America today, received an A rating from Cinemascore, the film industry’s pre-eminent gauge of audience opinion for more than 35 years Only a few films annually receive the coveted rating, with faith films being well-represented among the honorees in recent years.

Yesterday at 6pm, police were called to a home in Beverly Hills and found Michael Nouri and his girlfriend involved in a physical fight.

When police looked at Nouri's girlfriend they saw that she had been hurt and arrested Nouri and charged him with felony domestic violence.

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No big news today but we've got our regular tidbits.We are very encouraged.” WOODLAWN outperformed industry predictions in its opening weekend box office, taking in an estimated million. They are making the same decision for love and unity depicted in the film.” WOODLAWN tells the true-life story of Tony Nathan (newcomer Caleb Castille), who lands in a powder keg of anger and violence when he joins fellow African-American students at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Ala., after its government-mandated desegregation in 1973.The Woodlawn Colonels football team is a microcosm of the problems at the school and in the city, which erupts in cross burnings and riots, and Coach Tandy Gerelds (Nic Bishop) is at a loss to solve these unprecedented challenges with his disciplinarian ways.In honor of NASA’s Voyager I leaving our local little region of the Milky Way, you may know it as our solar system, I thought it would be apropos to lend our Earthbound ears to the Earthly sounds chosen to be placed on the real, and actual gold record(s) (designed by astrophysicist Carl Sagan) which Voyager(s) carries with it, now into interstellar space.I vaguely remember when the Voyager crafts (there are two) were launched in 1977 – an interesting little tid bit, Voyager I was launched after Voyager II – and their primary mission was to conduct close flybys of the gas giants that lay at the outer bounds of our solar system, and both of these spacecraft provided a veritable, and venerable, wealth of information on these ginormous planets that are still full of mystery to scientists.Downey and Burnett aren’t surprised audiences are responding so positively to the film.