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row cannot be located for updating sql server-51

Download and run SQL Server Upgrade Advisor from here (located at the bottom of the link) Upgrade to the same language version as the existing instance of SQL Server. The following are some recommendations before installing SQL Server 2012: The SQL Server license agreement cannot be located for the selected edition, "DEVELOPER. If the computer does not have access to the Internet and Windows Update service, then you may get the above error message: "SQL Server Setup could not search for updates through the Windows Update service.

This could be a result of corrupted media or the edition being unsupported by the media. Click here for a workaround."SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error ... You can either check again or click Next to continue.

For this reason, you cannot create two clustered indexes.

There can be only one table and that table can be sorted in only one order. Clustered tables are great, and most of your queries will probably perform best of your tables are configured with clustered indexes.

It is important to note that updating these locations will NOT migrate the current data and log files to the new directories.

These changes will only apply to new databases created from this point forward.

An evaluation copy of SQL Server 2012 can be downloaded from here. CRT,version="",pubic Key Token="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processor Architecture="amd64",type="win32-policy". Please refer to Help and Support for more information. Sometimes the product key is included in the media (product key is pre-pidded. Read the license agreement and if you agree with it, check the "I accept the license terms" check box, and then click the Next button.

If you are upgrading to SQL Server 2012, consider these resources and recommendations: Read about supported upgrade scenarios here. An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'policy.8.0. Access to the Internet is required, since SQL Server setup will try to get updates for SQL Server during installation.

You can see these properties for yourself by right-clicking on the instance name inside of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and navigating to the ‘Database Settings’ tab: If we create a simple database we can verify that the files are written to these directories: The second query returns the locations of our data and log files, which we see are the defaults: Changing the defaults is easy enough, we can just update the file locations inside of SSMS.