Elizabeth Malese Jow (known as Malese Jow; born February 18, 1991) is an American actress, singer, and songwriter who played Anna on The Vampire Diaries.

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Most recently, Malese has been seen in a recurring role on the CW Network's show The Flash, where she plays the character Linda Park.

Malese was born on February 18 1991, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her name was originally Elizabeth Malese Jow but is popularly known as Malese Jow.

They were playing their instruments and goofing off.

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She got several Young Artist Nominations after she started working in Nickelodeon.‘ER: Now, you were in the Jonas Brothers’ “Year 3000” music video, right?

One of them was dating Malese Jow, and one was dating Miley Cyrus at the time, so they came to set as well, so it was so awesome ’cause I got to meet a lot of people.The teen sitcom lasted three seasons and earned Jow several Young Artist Award nominations.Since Unfabulous ended in 2007, Jow has appeared in Bratz: The Movie as Quinn and has guest starred on Wizards of Waverly Place, portraying the role of famous actress, Ruby Donahue.In the second season's fifth episode, "The Darkness and the Light," Malese played villainess Dr. On February 2nd 2017, it was announced Malese would be playing Mareth Ravenlock on MTV's The Shannara Chronicles.MTV has announced the following new cast members as well: Malese will play Mareth, a young woman who’s both volatile and unpredictable and possesses magical abilities.All pictures, audio and videos are copyright to their respective owners.