“We can’t close every open storyline from 15 years,” says Jorja Fox, who has played investigator Sara Sidle for the whole run.“But the last show is absolutely a love letter to our fans.Three of the six episodes aired during sweeps periods, and one of them (“Ch-ch-changes”) drew more viewers than any other In “Friends and Lovers,” a first season episode that aired on November 3, 2000, the Las Vegas team investigates the death of Vernon Woods, a private school dean.

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CSIs find out that the janitor's real name is Matthew Babajide and he is responsible for genocide in Rwanda. Yoruba live mostly in Nigeria, while the Rwandan conflict was between Tutsi and Hutu living on the other side of Africa.

Even gentle Nick Stokes can't get Tommy Baker to cooperate by filing a rape complaint.

It will serve as a kind of memory book, with original lead investigators Gil Grissom (William Peterson) and Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) returning to the fold.

They will join the current team, led for the last four years by D. Russell (Ted Danson), to help stop one last batch of ultra-bad guys with the tools of their trade: microscopes, DNA evidence, analytic computer programs and other impressive high-tech stuff.

Gay intended victim Ian Jones admits having bruised Sean, but has an alibi.

The team works out Sean took a surprising interest in school janitor Laurent, a survivor of the Rwandese ethnic mass-killings, and the twist in their relationship.

“If any show ever earned this kind of sendoff, it’s ‘CSI’,” CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler said this summer.

The last show, modestly titled “Immortality,” doesn’t only let the CSI team save Las Vegas one final time.

Was that happy ending for Grissom and Sara everything you'd dreamt of?

Were you happy with Catherine's fate, promoted to Crime Lab Director?

Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) has tweeted a couple of photos of herself on set with her former colleagues, including William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle).