It evokes the style of life of a local Beijing inhabitant towards the latter half of the last century, and while not very authentic in its decor neither is it attempting to be so.

However, none of them involve his wife and baby yet, and so his answer remains a solid ‘yes’ if any opportunities to do so arise.

He added that he has no preferences about which jobs to take and joked, “I'm fine as long as I can raise enough money to buy milk powder for the baby.”When asked about whether he has given any gifts to his wife or son for the occasion, he declined: “We’re a very practical couple and will not buy presents just for the sake of it”.

The mantou is cut up into thick slices, coated with a layer of egg, and then fried.

The dark maroon colored cube on the lower left hand side of the mantou is fermented tofu, or fermented bean curd, called doufuru 豆腐乳, to be eaten with the fried mantou.

Xiao Diao Li Tang 小吊梨汤 is a type of drink made using pears amongst other ingredients including goji berries, sugar, and snow fungus, and is a hot drink popular for consumption traditionally in Beijing’s autumns and winters (Baidu Jingyan).

It is also the name of a chain of restaurants spread across the Chaoyang and Haidian Districts of Beijing, also with one in the Shunyi District, which is the one shown in the photos below.Through their Concerts and activities, TTK Grand Series seeks to use music and the arts to cultivate compassionate understanding and connection between people, and to inspire the love of classical music in all. Be ready for heart-stomping, back-to-back greatest hits concert that will be backed by a full ‘live’ band direct from Denmark!The Series’ second set of Concerts in 2017 will be held on 10 & 11 Nov at the Esplanade, featuring Bach’s 6 Solo Cello Suites and his 6 Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, presented by solo British cellist Colin Carr and Singaporean homegrown solo violinist Tang Tee Khoon. Just in case you need to be reminded, AQUA is THE BEST SELLING DANCE GROUP from Europe EVER!Tian Wen also said that he is “still busy taking care of the necessary welfare needs” for his fast-growing child (who can no longer fit into the small size! Tian Wen spoke about his party plans Tianwen shared in an interview with Toggle that he started prepping for Genghis’ first month party two weeks ago.The hands-on dad was even spotted climbing up a ladder and putting up the gold balloon decorations that spelled out “Genghis First Month”, at the restaurant where the party was held at yesterday.Chen Tian Wen celebrates his son’s first month Photos: Dang Hui Ling and Melanie Ho Video: Tan Shi Qi After marrying his beloved Mongolian girlfriend Bao Xiao Hui (who is now a Singapore PR) in May last year, he welcomed his newborn son Genghis Chan Ze Xun (nicknamed Xiao Un) on June 12, four days later than the original due date.