Interviewed on Radio 4's Desert island Discs, Robbins said his midlife crisis happened during the "insanity" which followed the collapse of his film project.

What is it you have not done that you will regret not doing?

"A midlife crisis – I think we all go through something, it's inevitable, it's unavoidable.

You're staring some kind of frightening thing down.

It's when you pass 40, inherently we double our age when we think about life. You start thinking about how many years you've got left, and you start thinking, 'What the hell am I doing here?

If the relationship works in the end, it's become Nobody Thinks It Will Work.

If the father is depicted more sympathetically, he may be a Troubled Sympathetic Bigot who ends up having to reconcile his desire to see his daughter happy with his own personal hang-ups about her boyfriend.

star Tea Leoni and her costar Tim Daly made their public appearance as a couple at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday.

Us Weekly broke the news in December 2014 that the CBS stars were an item.

Timothy James "Tim" Rozon (born June 4, 1976) is a Canadian actor born in Montreal.

He is most noted for playing the role of Tommy Quincy on the CTV teen drama, Instant Star.

It has also been said that Norman's romantic relationship with former star Jennifer Williams of "Basketball Wives" fizzled out either before or after he met Parks.