It is ,i believe, a modern classic and a firm contender for Album Of The Year .I came to this release with no knowledge of this guy's previous work , i'd heard his name and read about him but never got around to checking out his music.

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After reviewing a few shows that involved headbanging and crowd surfing, it was nice to take a break and enjoy crooning and songwriting at its finest.

I would like to start off this review by apologizing, as I was planning to review the opening band, The Belle Brigade, but for some reason their opening slot was moved up forty minutes and their performance was missed. I did have the pleasure of catching the second act, Hamilton Leithauser, and was pleasantly surprised by his New York style of crooning.

The proceeding laid the perfect foundation for the rest of the night’s festivities.

The black stage was slow to light as Ray La Montagne began to play the opening chords of “Gossip in the Grain”, but soon a light show worthy of Pink Floyd concert appeared behind La Montagne.

Gossip In The Grain Lauded singer/songwriter, Ray La Montagne is set to release his much-anticipated third album, Gossip In The Grain, on October 14th on RCA Records. As La Montagne explains “It was time to open up a little bit more, not be quite so reserved in my choice of songs that I wanted to record.” Recently called by Vanity Fair “a fresh reminder that the genuine artist is not yet an extinct species,” Gossip In The Grain reconfirms Ray La Montagne as an artist and a craftsman without limits, a songwriter who is able to work his melodic gifts and distinctive lyricism through any of the myriad musical traditions that catches his fancy.

Along with his band members, La Montagne is also joined on two tracks – “A Falling Through” and “I Still Care For You” – by singer/songwriter Leona Naess. Whereas La Montagne’s two previous albums, Trouble and Till The Sun Turns Black, were largely solo affairs, with Johns serving as multi-tasking instrumentalist, Gossip In The Grain sees him joined by members of his touring band, bassist Jennifer Condos and guitarist Eric Heywood (with Johns largely handling drum duties). Recorded with returning producer, Ethan Johns in Box, England, and touching upon a range of styles and musical settings– spanning pastoral folk, railroad blues, front porch country, and plangent balladry – Gossip In The Grain proves to be his most creative and emotionally expansive collection to I had to wiki them up, where I was reminded of the only bit of information I had on them befrore the show; the grandfather of the sibling core of the band is Oscar winning composer John WIlliams. Other than moving the drum kit to the front of the stage the main clue was the Mickey Dolenz style vocal mic.(Google him up.) While reaching for some descriptive thoughts about the band a few measures reminiscent of The New Pornographers came floating by. for the drummer, despite her having the more interesting hairdo of the two.Infectiously free-wheeling yet beautifully focused, this is arguably La Montagne’s most career-defining album to date. Owen What an absolutely magnificent release this is.