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endpoint not updating 2016-25

If endpoints are already managed by SCCM, migrating to SCEP/Windows Defender is a straightforward process.

The process is comprised of these steps: The process is the same across SCCM 2012 R2 and SCCM Current Branch (CB).

consumer_key=ck_f30ef9630f46bd6b2b5a0477a7402c081c2f8e3b&consumer_secret=XYZ The product ID and variant ID is correct - https:// We do get a response back but the field stock_quantity for the variant 2073 is not updated.

The response still shows "stock_quantity":0 Please help.

The System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client policy can be used to install System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) in supported OSes prior to Windows 10, or to enable Windows Defender on Windows 10.

The SCEP installer can also uninstall prior AV products if that activity is enabled in the SCCM client policy.

If you have a Quick Heal Home User product (Anti Virus Pro, Internet Security, Total Security, Antivirus for Server, Total Shield, Antivirus Pro Advanced), you can download its updates offline by referring to the drop down given below: To find if your operating system is 32 bit operating system or 64 bit operating system, visit

For versions older than Quick Heal v15.00, offline updates are no more available.

Know that you will most likely never even encounter most of these so-called threats, reality is that a computer can do just fine without any antivirus installed in the system unless you are some sleazy pervert who likes to surf a lot of adult streaming websites or risky websites to download cracks, patches, sql injections for hacking and what not.

All these high percentage malware and virus detection rate is a marketing gimmick to sell the software.

Unless I am some sort of kaspersky fanboy I will never be too inclined to the idea of using Kaspersky over Norton.