Microsessions, a new live music format born in Austin, TX, the Live Music Capital of the World, debuts in New York on Saturday, July 29, at Spaceworks NYC in Long Island City, Queens.

“We are also delighted that much of ‘Need for Speed 2’ would be filmed in China, and we believe it will include much more Chinese talent and elements.” Jiaflix president Marc Ganis predicted the launch of “one of the next great franchises for movie fans around the world.” His company was founded by Ganis, Kenneth Huang and Sid Ganis, former president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

The third partner, 1905 Pictures Co., is a Chinese film development company that worked with Paramount on promotion and marketing of the last “Transformers” film, which grossed a record $330 million in China.

The key to a great musical accompaniment in a film is imperceptibility.

When a song is so perfect for a movie moment, audiences won’t even notice it until the scene has already begun. But listening back to a soundtrack after seeing a movie immediately can create a different experience.

The melodies and lyrics conjure visual memories from those other stories.

Sometimes, though, a soundtrack stands on its own, independent of the film that united those individual tracks.The gamemaker plans to release new “Speed” console and mobile games this year.“We are excited to work with EA, one of the world’s most recognized creative companies,” said Yin Cao, chairman of China Movie Channel.Yeon has displayed recognizably cinematic sensibilities in his last three indie anime features — “King of Pigs,” “Fake” and “Seoul Station” — so it’s not surprising that he transitions easily into live-action, though his scathing, nihilistic vision of humanity is watered down for wider mainstream appeal.Buyers for Asian-friendly genre products should clamber to board “Train.” Despite the vibrancy of genre cinema in Korea, you can count the country’s zombie films on the fingers of one hand.Each act plays four 15-minute sets in a row - Microsessions - at the same time.