This field should be displayed for the Managers, but should not be displayed for the Employees.

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NET Magazine國際中文電子雜誌 作 者:許薰尹 審 稿:張智凱 文章編號:N130813901 出刊日期:2013/8/1 j Query Mobile是一個輕量型的Java Script函式庫,提供內建的樣式表,能夠快速地設計適合行動裝置展現的網頁應用程式。本文將介紹如何在ASP. NET Empty Web Site」。 · 點選畫面右下方的「Browse…」按鈕,開啟「Choose Location」視窗,選擇「File System」,接著設定一個資料夾,請參考下圖所示: 圖 1:建立ASP.

NET網站,開啟Visual Studio 2012,從 Visual Studio 2012的主選單點選「File」-「Templates」選Visual C#;右邊的Templates區塊中選擇「ASP.

The SPTrace View utility is now moved to Code Plex to address: If the project is not published yet, please check again later. Well there are many ways you could achieve this and this is just one of them.

It simply creates a new instance of the SPExecute Administration Service Jobs class and calls its Run method.

NET forums is how to deal with exceptions like The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Row Editing which wasn't handled.

The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Page Index Changing which wasn't handled.

28495 The technique will be familiar to anyone who has tried to do it themselves: render the grid without the components then slip the components in afterwards.

Beyond doing the obvious I've also tried to put in some size management and logic for doing component destruction.

There are some demos if you follow the link but, as a taster, the code for rendering a combobox might look something like this: Ext.create('

Panel', ); The renderer in this example returns a config and xtype but it could also return the actual component.

The Grid View does know the events that should be used to implement them, so the exceptions shown above are thrown when you try to perform one of these operations, but you have implemented the appropriate event handler.