Reading Medea, learning about Ancient Greek civilization, and eating my 10th grade Greek teacher’s homemade baklava all somehow infiltrated my psyche.

My goal is not for them to become the perfect date who always gets a follow-up call for a second outing, because perfection in life is both undesirable and, of course, impossible (although this woman comes close to perfection).

Rather, I want clients to perfect the art by seeing every date as a pleasurable experience, solely because every date is just that -- an experience - not a two-way audition for the next step in life: marriage and babies.

Chris and Gunther are amazed at his intervention and demand an explanation.

Davy takes them to his house and shows how he's been a undercover agent within the HIT mission. But for Chris, this is proof that Davy is no longer with his heart in the Romeo's. And that's just on the eve of the European Schlagerfestival .

By going on a lot of dates, you are actively practicing your dating skills.

Use every date as an opportunity to practice your conversation skills, your ability to open up to others and to get them to open up to you, your listening skills, your ability to articulate your goals in life and who you're looking for, your compassion for others, and whatever else you deem important.

Valentine's Day though presents the greatest challenge.

Which leaves you on a mission to find the sexiest lingerie among hundreds of lingerie types.

Especially Chris gets on his hips when Davy once again show up late to a concert where other singers are on the bill.

When one of the artists will be attacked just before his performance, Davy intervenes.

اليوم_العالمي_للغة_العربية @QFIntl #i Speak Arabic The United Nations Arabic Language Day is observed annually on December 18.