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There was this legend of a Farm when I grew up on my mother’s side.

It’s called Ryder Farm and it’s been in my mother’s family and my family since 1795.

It is located between the Singel and Herengracht canals.

The webcam stream is offered by TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.

And I scrapped together the people that would do that and the small resources that were going to make that happen.

I know that as an artist, there are challenges to generate income and find support, a lack of opportunities to showcase work and a need to network with like minded people.

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Read our dozens of interviews with creative entrepreneurs and artists from around the globe - about their exciting, fun, sometimes arduous, and even challenging processes - creating work that impact their communities. I’m probably going to piss some people off but you’re an interpretive artist.

Being an actress wasn’t a good fit because you are definitely not in control, you are being told what to do, you are reading someone else’s words.

We/I sign this petition to support the placing of a camera to the green in chaffinch way Horley.