Now we use this Data Set as a Data Source of any of the Data Control like; Grid View, List View etc for showing this Data to User.Now sometime we have a requirement like, some rows of that Data Set (having Data Table) may get Updated with new values and some may have been Deleted or there may be another possibility of Insertion of new row in that table.I've spent a little bit of time playing with the dataset widget and have a script that sends records to my new dataset.

updating records in dataset-11

Table Adapters provide different ways to update records in a database depending on the requirements of your application.

If your application uses datasets to store data, then you can simply update the records in the desired methods to send data from your objects directly to the database.

If the dataset includes constraints, you can temporarily turn constraints off before making any updates, and then turn them back on afterward.

For more information, see Suspending Update Constraints.

Although typed datasets can use the same syntax as untyped datasets, there are additional advantages to using typed datasets.

For more information, see the "To update existing records using typed datasets" section below.Row State value can be : More you can get about these State from MSDN. Step 1: We have a Data Base Helper Class which have a function which return a Sql Data Adapter object of our datacollection Here I am writing SQL Query inside this can even use Stored Procedure or any thing you want but store result into Sql Data Adapter.After your dataset is populated with data, you will typically perform some kind of manipulation of the data before sending it back to the data source or to another process or application.Since each record in a dataset is represented by a Data Row object, changes to a dataset are accomplished by updating and deleting individual rows.These methods allow you to pass individual values for each column as method parameters.