The assailant took both women into a back room and ordered them to the floor.After sexually assaulting them, he shot them each in the back of the head.Dr Yap, who is now a visiting professor at MIT Sloan School of Management in the US, said the research indicates that while people may pay very little attention to ordinary and seemingly innocuous shifts in bodily posture, these subtle postural shifts can have tremendous impact on our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

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Sports figure(s) involved: Tony Parker and Brent Barry Year: 2010 Guys, watch your phone.

Your texts and Internet history tell a girl a whole lot about who you are and, if you're anything like Tony Parker, you want to keep that stuff under wraps.

In one study, the researchers manipulated the expansiveness of workspaces in the lab and tested whether 'incidentally' expanded bodies - shaped organically by one’s environment - led to more dishonesty on a test.

To extend results to a real-world context, a field study tested the ecological validity of the effect by examining whether car drivers’ seat size predicted the violation of parking laws in New York City.

So it remains vacant after Young relinquished it and another Toowoomba pugilist Brent Rice is keen to keep it in the Garden City.”The Australian super featherweight title remains vacant and I have officially challenged for the belt on behalf of Brent Rice,” Rice’s manager Brendon Smith said.

“Brent is the highest rated eligible contender for the title and deserves to be in one corner to fight for it.“I'm prepared to promote the title fight in Toowoomba and will begin negotiating immediately to find the second highest rated available opponent. He's ranked number three in the ANBF ratings and the two men above him are Paul Fleming and Billel Dib who both have regional titles so they're ineligible for the national belt.”Rice has built an unbeaten record after four professional fights, with two coming by way of knock-out.

Trained by his father Bob, Rice will train hard in the hope of securing the national title shot.“If I get a shot at the Australian title in just my fifth bout that would be humbling,” he said.

“It's a big step up and hopefully I get the chance to fight for the belt in my home city.”Rice turned pro last year after a successful amateur career.

Sportsbooks offer a wide range of season-long bets, ranging from an over/under on how many games your team will win, to whether or not your team will make the playoffs, and of course, if your team will become Super Bowl champions (looking at you, Pats fans).

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I’m not saying that we can do it, but that’s what some people do so brilliantly – you can have this really uplifting song about absolute heartbreak.