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Updating your g p s tomtom datingstrippers com

Never get lost again with a Tom Tom global positioning system (GPS) device, designed to show you your location and offer you turn-by-turn driving instructions.

Updates to the Tom Tom software and GPS maps are periodically made available to fix bugs and update road changes.

As long as your satnav is relatively modern (within the last five years or so), you should be able to update it.

Smaller brands such as Navigon might present a problem, but those with Tom Tom, Garmin or Navman satnavs should be fine.

Depending on which figures you believe, up to 15 percent of the UK’s roads change each year.

That means your satnav’s maps will become less accurate as time goes on.

It is the worst electronic device I have ever owned. "Paul Continual Problems 1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 16, 2016 Purchased 2 years ago and has been a continual problem.

Seems now every time I download the small update the unit plays up, e.g.

Browse through an amazing range of Tom Tom GPS accessories, which include memory cards, chargers, mounts, antennas, cases and more.