Sam, whose strength will be mental challenges, logic, and memory, can be very impatient.

He hates repetition and is quick to get frustrated when something isnt working.

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Sam Lambert Age: 25Occupation: Student Current City: Toronto, ONHometown: Oakville, ONStrengths: Memory, physical fitness and problem-solving skills Fears/Phobia: Eating gross things Favourite Travel Destination: Portugal Pet Peeve about Teammate: When he picks his nails Paul Mitskopoulos Age: 24Occupation: Account Manager, Linked In Canada Current City: Toronto, ONHometown: Toronto, ONStrengths: Work ethic, public speaking, physical activities Fears/Phobia: Tarantulas Favourite Travel Destination: Greece Pet Peeve about Teammate: His temper Instagram Sam: @slamchop Paul: @paulmits Twitter Paul: @pmitskop TEAM BIOBoyfriends Sam and Paul are outgoing, fun-loving guys who met at a concert in late 2015.

At the time, Paul had not yet come out but falling for Sam led him to open up to his family and friends.

I was really young at the time and not necessarily wanting to commit to anything, and he was always busy working on his projects that it seemed like one instance after the other of life getting in the way. I reply Yeah, that is pretty much the stamp of, yep - I'm gay. This was also so long ago and he was so young I can only imagine it being a confusing time. I then truly thought about everything and let the words, Mark. I feel like he should have at least articulated SOMETHING to me. but there's nothing more heartbreaking than knowing that someone you're dating is carrying this big secret that they never told you. "I wish it was bigger." That right there says it all, I reply.

Mark and I dated for a few months and while we were never classified as boyfriend/ girlfriend - it was thought of in my head as more of a timing issue than anything. I think he was afraid of coming out and what it would mean on his life. sink into my head and pondered if there was a way that this should have come out differently. You're saying this at 27 though, and with a lot of life experience. Yes, it would obviously hurt if I was really into him ... I got it out of him because he was tipsy - but I'm sure this happens all the time. I then think back to what he said about his experience ...

Bailee Madison, Rico Rodriguez, Keean Johnson, Todd Newton are among the celebrities presenting. CBS: You’ll be one of the judges on the “Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash” – what will you be looking for in the competition?

HS: I know that I’m going out on a limb, but I will insist they wear a costume. With a huge database of daters from all over the world, you will be excited to receive a large number of matches in your city.What`s more, there are three affordable membership plans can help you to make full use of Millionaire Match and increase your chance of getting a match. 9, will finally introduce Joey’s Las Vegas-based family.Kenan Thompson is the host and Cody Simpson will be performing. Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with Hal to talk about the event and his son Camden. HS: Groucho Marx, Paul Stanley of KISS, Bruce Lee from Game of Death and a cardboard robot CBS: Tell us more about what’s going on in the upcoming episodes of Lab Rats. It’s like House of Cards meets I Robot if they were introduced at a party by Carrot Top. HS: Because of my work schedule and my sons age I am able to bring him to work with me. My last "real" boyfriend (way back in 2006) was gay.