' he asked the victim, to which she responded: 'Yes I have given guys boners with it many times.'The 24-year-old then messaged her: 'It hasn't given me a boner yet. The document claims Victim A sent the You Tube singer 15 videos, with 10 showing her naked from the waist down.It then details the allegations against Jones in regards to the second girl, known as Victim B, who he messaged between August 12 and 14 in 2016.

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How does a man who still wears his underwear and has a shit body get a piece of ass like that? Bonaparte decided to bring the Russians back into line and gathered a Grande Armee of more than 500,000 men - including contingents from all France's allies - to frighten them.The point is to illustrate that APD officers are not trained and the three foot and six foot rule, well that must be one of those “their own gig” things. If there was then that would be a little bit of a different story but there aren’t any here, so I’m not going to give you a ticket and I’m not going to give him a ticket. Officer 1: Wait—so you were on this road (Dawson) and you were making a left turn? This is not just one officer who is completely unaware of any laws pertaining to people who ride bikes. ) man, they got their own…(unintelligible) Officer 1: No, no, no. I mean, technically you both had the right-of-way, and you both took it. Car Driver: I really didn’t see him until he was like, cracking into my window. Car Driver: No, I was coming Barton Springs and making a left on Dawson. In one of the earlier messages he sent to the victim, who also identified herself to him as being 14 years old, Jones allegedly said she was 'lucky' to have his attention and told her to 'prove' she was his biggest fan.He then said he wanted to 'spank' her, adding: 'Think about how amazing that would be for you!! 'The document states he then said, 'If you’re lucky, maybe I’d let you suck my d***', but she would have to 'keep proving your (sic) my biggest fan though!!!This is a systemic problem with police officers, at least here in Austin. Officer 2: He was heading east bound on Barton Springs, he was in the bike lane and she turned right and he went… Officer 2: …he went straight…(unintelligible)…but he’s in the bike lane and she’s in the right lane… Officer 2: Well she turned in front of him and he hit her. I’m thinking-I’m going to go with the car; I’m thinking the bike has to yield to the cars. (pause) I’m not, I’m not seeing any signs so I’m going to go with no citation on this one, but yeah-I was just wondering because I’ve never actually had to deal with that and I-I figured that the bicyclist had to yield to the cars but I guess this is Austin. I think he might’ve scraped himself up a little bit.