Like Ted Mosby, Radnor has been trying his hand at the dating life.He hasn't married yet, but there have been plenty of rumors surrounding his partners.

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Radnor didn't have very many credits to his name before getting cast in How I Met Your Mother.

Aside from a small appearance in Not Another Teen Movie, he'd only had guest appearances on various TV shows.

Thirty-five year old Jesse Fisher, an admissions officer at a New York City post-secondary institution he who loves English and literature, has somewhat lost his passion in life, which includes recently being unceremoniously dumped by his latest girlfriend, who could no longer be the person to prop him up emotionally.

He has a chance to find that passion again when he is invited to the retirement dinner of his second favorite Ohio University college professor, Peter Hoberg, as his time there was when his life held the most passion.

Los Angeles born actress was previously paired with baseball great Derek Jeter.

In September, Minka was seen on a dinner date with That 70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama but the relationship fizzled out quickly. The Parenthood gal and NCIS hunk broke up just a month into the relationship.

How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor anchored the CBS sitcom for nine seasons as the unlucky-in-love Ted Mosby, working his way into viewer's hearts with his adorable smiles, constant optimism, and pretentious pronunciation of "encyclopedia." However, since HIMYM ended, Radnor has been largely missing from the Hollywood scene.

Here's why Hollywood won't cast Josh Radnor anymore.

HIMYM launched him to stardom, and his most notable role since then has been in the TV sphere, as Dr.

Jed Foster on PBS' It's often tough for actors who spent a long time playing one part to shed that identity.

The two talents have been spending time together in NYC lately.