Last week I shared my freshly painted kitchen cabinets.They’ve been nice and white for a few weeks now and I am still blown away with how much brighter and more up to date the whole room looks.To find the hinge that will work with your door type, consult the hinge company's online brochures and customer service line.

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The project isn’t necessarily difficult, just very time consuming especially when you have 30 plus cabinets.

I don’t think the hubby was in a very good mood that week.

If you don’t know, Rub n Buff is a fantastic metallic paste used to give almost anything a metal finish.

I chose it because it is so easy to use and gives a lasting finish.

Paint is obviously a big hitter in terms of updating a kitchen, but let’s talk about something else that is equally powerful – cabinet hinges.

You’re probably already yawning at the thought of a discussion on hinges, but stick with me here.

I am taking on more and more cabinet refresh projects (for hire), and still never tire of the transformations.

My latest project is an oak, galley style kitchen, and I’m digging deeper into ideas to make these older kitchens look more modern.

Replacing your old hinges with a different type of hinge requires a little more work.

Your old hinge may leave markings in the cabinet door or on the cabinet frame.

First you will need a 35mm Forstner drill bit to core a hole into the cabinet, cost is about .00 for the bit.