Likewise, if you believe there’s no such thing as a game that starts out too difficult to be enjoyable, then we have a fundamental disagreement on game design.

That’s fine; just like Bloodborne might not be “for me,” this article isn’t “for you.” We have lots that are, though: Plenty of people around the office are really digging it, and our Bloodborne review (currently in progress) by Brandin Tyrrel and Lucy O’Brien’s new-player experience both offer much more positive perspectives.

“There was a definite sense of missing out not being on Slack. Slack itself has become a character.” Even pockets of the State Department are now on Slack. Take a tour of Slack on the company’s website, and you’ll learn about all the ways it can make your office communication more effective: Slack syncs seamlessly across devices, features a powerful internal search engine, and is highly compatible with dozens of other programs that keep businesses running.

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When a new employee joins Slack for the first time, she’s greeted by Slack Bot, a chatterbot who will serve as her simplistic but well-mannered consort in her travels through the app.

Instead of asking employees to fill out a traditional profile form, Slack Bot engages the employee in repartee, asking for her name and title and thumbnail photo, all the while showing her how chat works before she tries it with actual humans.

That’s a classic Charli XCX sort of meeting isn’t it – a bit of your career, a bit of somebody else’s. Do you not think other people haven’t already benefitted quite enough from your hard work? I think I’ll always keep writing for other people, if that’s what you’re talking about specifically. I’d never thought about that but you’ve just given me the best idea. I was over the music industry, I was over all of it. And I think you tweeted something about “oh God it’s noise” or whatever and I was like well OBVIOUSLY you’d say that. Everything else is going on behind the scenes right now, but I’m cooking up a storm.

But that’s all you’re going to get out of me, so calm down. So realistically, can you go out, get completely smashed and put it through as a legitimate business expense?

I’m rehearsing for Glastonbury, and I’ve been having a meeting. I like having my stamp on things – I don’t just want to make generic music that’s not recognisable as something that’s come from my brain.

If I don’t think it’s cool it’s not going to end up on the record.

It used to be that the mark of a “fun” office was a foosball table crammed into the break room.

But Slack makes the workspace itself feel like a game.

I still use the same old Tri-X for Black and White, T-Max 3200, there’s some other stuff that will look decent, but it just won’t have the “look” nor the archival quality that Kodachrome had. It’s never been about the equipment or film, it’s about the eye.