Do we wonder about this relationship because of the speculative fiction this produces? The hopeful story of slim chances and reformation through true love? This romance certainly promises to gratify our investments in generic formulations of “the couple,” but there is more to the story than this, something more specific at stake than these narrative satisfactions. And, more to the point of this article, what does it tell us about the state of contemporary reality television?

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Each person/ality occupies a reality TV series that trades on the dramatic possibilities of young adults’ sexual activity.

What is clearly different in each case, however, is the presence/absence of consequences for this sexual activity.

Over at Encore Beach Club at Encore Las Vegas, rapper Eve headed backstage behind the DJ booth where Zedd was spinning on Saturday afternoon.

Also on hand, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin from MTV’s “Big & Rob Show,” sporadically danced on stage and retired NBA All-Star Steve Nash celebrated a friend’s bachelor party.

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