Jacques's success story started in 1995 when he won the CART Championship, and the Indianapolis 500 that year.While two years later, he turned out a winner of the 1997 Formula One World Championship, earning a place alongside Mario Andretti and Emerson Fittipaldi as the only drivers ever to win all three.

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Only four years after his famous father Gilles Villeneuve is killed, Jacques Villeneuve is begging his mother to let him race. In 1995, at the age of 24, he wins the Indy 500 -- the youngest driver ever to win an Indy car championship. In his second season in Formula 1 racing, Jacques Villeneuve becomes Canada's first world champion, in 1997. He'll always be the first Canadian to win a Grand Prix, "to make it to the top, and he'll always stay there."In this 1992 CBC Television clip, his mother, Joann, says she supports him in spite of the danger.

"You don't get used to it, you just learn to live with it." • Jacques Villeneuve has won 11 Formula 1 races and been to the podium 23 times.

In the interim, he had also entered Formula One and made a stunning debut, as a member of Williams team, next to skilled driver Damon Hill.

But it was his seven victories in 1997 that ensured him a place in Formula One folklore.

The realization that you are ever-so-close to being a has-been (if you’re not already there) must be an awful feeling. Jacques Villeneuve was asked by someone at to to comment on the progress of Lance Stroll, the 18-year-old Canadian who scored his first points in the recent Grand Prix du Canada held at Montreal.

Particularly since you were once king of the hill; top of the mountain. Said Jacques: “One of the worst rookie performances in the history of F1.”That’s quite an indictment, coming after only seven races of 20 scheduled in 2017.

It was the second top-10 finish in a row for Stroll, who registered his first career points by finishing ninth at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal two weeks ago.

He now has 17 points in the drivers' championship standings.

Jacques Villeneuve Net Worth: Jacques Villeneuve is a Canadian automobile racing driver and amateur musician who has a net worth of million.

Jacques Villeneuve earned his net worth through his successful racing career.

I trust Jacques took note of the fact that five drivers who’ve lined up on the grid every time there’s been a Grand Prix this year (or nearly every time, in the case of one of them) have scored exactly no points.