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13 Executive produced — and featuring appearances — by Bryan Cranston, with “Justified” boss Graham Yost as showrunner, and Giovanni Ribisi as a grifter who gets in over his head.

25 Season 1 of this adaptation of Lev Grossman’s bestselling fantasy series more than delivered on its promise of a twisted, adult version of “Harry Potter” and the Narnia series.

Was anybody else out there blown away by the premiere of HBO's Extras?

I thought the first episode had it all: a rom-com storyline that paid off the old "lying to get laid" gambit with more panache than many a recent feature, and a basic premise that's why-didn't--think-of-that? Anybody who's ever spent time on a movie set knows that it can be the most boring place in the world: all that time spent waiting around for what's often literally a few seconds of real action.

I promised to deliver some notes on an imagined romantic comedy about my late 1970s days in the Village when I was young and in love with a girl named Joey, featuring cameos by Bob Dylan and Martin Scorsese, no less.

But along with the deluge of already written movies I have to read for a livelihood, the romantic comedy I'm living has overtaken my writing life: I've got a visiting ex-wife in town, and a new out-of-town girlfriend coming for a visit.

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