I made arrangements to meet a lady driving from Florida to her childhood home in Wausau off the Madison turnpike... Those three weeks went fast except when i thought about seeing these treasures. The size of the mrbottles Wisconsin antique bottle galleries. Yesterday was an incredible day for bringing great things into the Wisconsin antique bottle collecting community.German potters known as Krugbacker, or pot bakers, produced cylindrical, brown mineral water bottles from the second half of the 18 centuries simply love the taste and refreshing quality of carbonated water?

A bottle's manufacturer can say something about a bottle's age.

The following is a list of manufacturers that marked pottery and glass soda and beer bottles, a brief history, their years of operation, and manufacturer marks. If you have additional information on the works listed below, have a picture of a factory, find a mistake or disagree with the information that is provided please feel free to email us at Sodas and Beers.

The Schweppes Company’s bottled carbonated water was first offered for commercial sale in Geneva in 1783, and has been popular ever since.

(Back, Landa, and Meeks 1995) The bottled carbonated water business sprung from an attempt to emulate the wildly popular natural mineral water that was all the rage in 18derives from the German town Selters, which was famous for its mineral springs.

Adams was know to be involved in a number of ventures in Middlebury and it appears that sometime about 1870 he partnered with Allison to set up this company. The impression is usually near the base of the bottle. Merrill established the Akron Pottery in 1861 in Akron, Ohio. The Mound City Pottery was established by Cornwell Kirkpatrick in 1857. No other records were found other than Moses shows up in Larned, Kansas in 1895. Notes American Bottle Company, (approx: 1890-approx: 1910), Middlebury, OH, United States, Occurs on 1 bottle, Manufactured beer bottles.

Notes Akron Pottery, (1861-1887), Akron, OH, United States, Occurs on 4 bottles, Manufactured beer bottles. Kirkpatrick was no doubt attracted by an inexhaustible supply of superior potters' clay. Hainer owned the pottery and attracted Moses Aliff from Westbrook, Maine, where Moses was a potter for at least 10 years at John T. In late June or early July of 1860 Noah Aliff left Gardiner, Maine and joined Moses in Mound City. Not sure if this company is associated with the American Bottle Company that made glass bottles in Newark, Ohio. Bourne, Joseph, (1812-approx: 1851), Denby, Derbyshire, England (1812-approx: 1851), Occurs on 6 bottles, Belper, Derbyshire, England (approx: 1823-1834), Codnor Park, Derbyshire, England (1833-approx: 1851, closed 1861), Shipley, Derbyshire, England (1845-approx: 1851, closed 1856), Manufactured beer bottles. His grandfather, Richard Bourne, was associated with the Eastwood pottery in the mid-Eighteenth century.

Back in 1974 or 1975 a collector offered her 0 apiece for them. Cindy decide they were better off in the hands of someone who appreciated them.

She tried to sell them in Florida but there was no interest.

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whisky jugs, whisky crocks, old advertising and hundreds of other collectables.a most satisfying encyclopedia of antique bottles to be found on the telegraphic network.

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