Remember how I was like, I'm never writing in present tense again? Even though Taeyeon’s been more quiet and reserved during the first few months of knowing each other, she seems to be opening up a lot more recently. Taeyeon has been adjusting to their situation pretty well.

taeyeon and tiffany dating each other-44

It took many hours before releasing the official statement confirming that Jessica was indeed out of SNSD but would still be managed in her solo activities by SM.

During the interim period after the news broke and before the official confirmation, the remaining 8 members of SNSD jetted off to Shenzhen for their fan meeting scheduled later that evening.

The internet took it as well as possible, of course.

On the Korean side, netizens found a “secret” message Taeyeon had sent to Baekhyun with Oreo cookies (in which Baek means “white” in Chinese and “hyun” means black).

Heck, even Tiffany’s new to the whole dating a girl thing so it’s not really a disadvantage for her to go about it at their pace.

Their relationship’s only known between them and a couple of their closest friends, so they're keeping things low as well, never really showing affection in public.

“Industry reps” have commented that this move has sent the group into a crisis and, while the comment is a tad overblown, it does provoke the question of what SM even want from SNSD anymore.

It’s true, as some netizens have claimed, that SM could save SNSD with another “Gee” but fans know more than to expect that these days.

They've never really gone further than lingering pecks, though.