In 2002, the grime group Roll Deep was founded by Wiley, and included Stryder and Dizzee Rascal. While performing with Roll Deep, Stryder performed some songs including, "U Were Always" in 2002, which was released years later on Roll Deep's compilations album, Street Anthems in 2009. The debut album by Stryder, Star in the Hood, was released on 13 August 2007 on Takeover.

A cause close to my heart."Get Chuckle Vision back on TV: An online petition we can all get behind The rapper first hinted at a collaboration with the Chuckle Brothers in September by revealing Instagram videos shot during recording sessions.

Tinchy Stryder is a Ghanaian-English grime vocalist and an industrialist, famously dubbed as ‘The Star in the Hood’.

“Even when I go to carnivals or festivals, I don’t sleep in a tent.

Tinchy Stryder looks set to have a shock in the Australian jungle, as he has never been camping before.

The track has been recorded to benefit the ACLT, a charity that raises money for those suffering from leukaemia.

Stryder hyped the track's release by tweeting: "Any profits from the Chuckles collaboration go to the fantastic @ACLTcharity so let's get behind it. As well as founding the Star in the Hood clothing line, he merged his entertainment company Takeover Entertainment with Jay-Z’s Rock Nation to create Takeover Roc Nation. I even put plastic bags on my trainers so they don’t get muddy! Chatting to Daily Star Online about the new music, the star explained: "With my first three albums you get to know me, but with this one I feel it is more open as me and my fans already know what I'm about."When you meet someone for the fourth time you can be more honest with them, where as the first time you are almost guarded a bit." Speaking candidly about how the tracks serve almost like chapters in a diary, Tinchy continued: "Music is a good way to let out frustrations and aggressions you have as if you go out punching walls or doing something crazy then it's not going to help you."For me, music is a way out for me, almost like a release."I go to the studio almost every day so a lot of the music I record people don't get to hear – but it helps me."Sometimes when I listen back I don't know why I said what I did, but that is because it was how I was feeling in that moment."So if I fell out with a girlfriend or something, I would go into the studio and do a song about the whole conversation exactly what has been said, just like a diary."However, Tinchy admits just because he has recorded a solid track, it may not ever be released as he is aware of the drama being too open can cause."If you talk about your experiences there is always something else involved," he continued."I may want to speak about something but the other person may not want that. Stryder has released three solo studio albums, Star in the Hood (2007), Catch 22 (2009), and Third Strike (2010).