As described above, your Disposable Income is the amount we work out you have available to repay to your lenders each month.We will take our Service fee from each Monthly payment throughout the lifetime of your Monthly payment plan.The new bankruptcy law of 2005 requires that consumers to go through credit counseling before filing for bankruptcy.

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With the market conditions improving, now is an excellent time to get a professional quote on an equity loan with no lender fees.

Talk to industry leading lenders that remain some of the last premiere home equity bankers who still offer financing for people with no equity.

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Our fees depend on your personal circumstances and the solution entered into. Click to learn more about our fee structure for all of our debt solutions.

The Set-up fee is £240 for all customers and is taken in instalments from your Monthly payment as set out in the table below.

Search for the best rates right here that offer popular home equity loan programs for cash in hand, house repairs, debt consolidation and much more.

For over a decade we have been connecting homeowners with lenders that offer a smooth path to cheap money with affordable home equity mortgages and credit lines for financing home remodeling and consolidating debt.

Have you been searching for lenders that provide a wide selection of fixed equity loan programs and second mortgages?