It’s nearly impossible — not to mention time-consuming — to decipher who’s genuine based on a few paragraphs. Truth Finder is an online people search engine that pulls information from an extensive database of public records.

Here’s how you can screen potential dates with this service: Once you enter the name, gender, and location of a potential date, Truth Finder starts searching for information on them.

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If you're the clubbing type, then you know that feeling of standing on a dance floor with the bass vibrations rolling through your body.

It's hard to capture that sort of sensation at home or with headphones on.

(Batmanglij was the one who named Rex.) Meanwhile, the investor group is rounded out by a who's who of the entertainment business.

There are actors (Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Morrison), directors (Barry Levinson, Marc Webb), screenwriters (Scott Z.

The system pulls data from federal, state, and county sources, so you’re always getting the most accurate results possible.

We are a dating agency that works continually to ensure we maximise your chance of finding love.

After a few dates with these new, “upper-echelon” ladies, I noticed a common denominator.

All of a sudden, I was the funniest, most handsome, most successful man they had ever met. It took a few failed dates until I realized something crucial: I was a hot commodity because of my income — but nobody wants to be chased just for their money.

Indoor pools, in my mind, are meant for winter and are far too humid for thick hair like mine. So, is it possible to recreate a blissful outdoor swimming experience without the threat of a fishy encounter?