Laying the Foundation Being Compatible Making It Last Community Q&A Virgo men can be shy and not always easy to get to know, but they make great friends and boyfriends -- their perfectionism makes for quite impressive dates! Easy to see why -- they are smart, loyal, and down-to-earth.Here's what you need to know to date one of these men born between August 23 - September 22.Here're 7 truths you should know about loving a Virgo: 1. We’re not just picky about who we love; we’re picky about everything.

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Cancer not only recognizes these gestures, the crab genuinely appreciates and sees them as steps towards a greater romance.

Cancer and Virgo are particularly well suited for one another.

To understand the compatibility of the signs, it is essential to delve into the characteristics of each sun sign.

This provides an understanding of how you relate to each other on an astrological level, and can further provide insight into your future.

He's actually a male who will love you for your mind.

On the negative side, Virgo can be intensely critical and territorial.When he has strong feelings about something, he usually keeps them to himself.Likewise, he tends to prefer the company of others who are similarly reserved. But once he's truly smitten, he's in it for the long haul.Virgo―a mutable earth sign―and Aquarius―a fixed air sign―are as different as chalk and cheese.Chaos and order, challenge and quiet, organized and oh-so-messy.When it comes to romance, Virgo is a shy sign and often tries to hide this fact behind a very logical façade.