Networked Readiness Index2006: Denmark the Most Technologically Innovative Country EU: Third European EGovernment Awards EU: Commissioner Outlines Challenges of EGovernment AFRICA: 'Digital Villages' to Be Set Up All Over Kenya to Speed Up Access to Data CHINA: World's Biggest ID Database Complete JAPAN: Nation's First Net-Based University Opens INDONESIA: Eying Digital Early Warning System PHILIPPINES: DEPED to Train Senior Officials on IT INDIA: Pay Property Tax Return at One Click of Mouse Planning Commission: Unique Identification Cards (E-Tags) for Indians TURKMENISTAN: The Environmental Management Information System Established AUSTRALIA: Media Laws Proclaimed AFRICA: Info Dev and COL Release First Set of Draft Country Reports on ICT Use in Education in Africa Botswana: Govt Invest in Technology for Efficiency EUROPE: EU Data Retention Law Could Impact Asia EU Wants Better Public Access to Documents of the EU Institutions UK: More Time to Comment on Draft Freedom of Information Fees Regulations NORTH AMERAICA: Canadian Local Telephony Deregulation Policy Takes Effect on 18 April US: 2007: Year of the Antispyware Law?States Pushing Through IT Consolidation SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil Internet Law - E-commerce and the Telecommunication Sector CHINA: Pledge Greater Efforts to Crack Text Message Fraud Worried China Bans New Internet Cafes for a Year China to Increase Censorship of Bloggers Rules to Regulate Chinese Blogging Activities China Bans Unlicensed Online TV Station China Cracks Down on Sales of Internet Bar Licenses China Plans to Cut Domestic Mobile Phone Roaming Fees Beijing Prosecutors Withdraw Charges Against Online Nude Chatroom User China Official Blames Internet for Youth Crime China to Help Clean up the Internet China Needs to Update Information Technology Strategy - World Bank China's News Websites Vow to Clean Up the Internet SOUTH KOREA: Bill to Check Abusive Power of Internet Portals INDONESIA: RI Prepares Laws to Battle Cybercrime MALAYSIA: Shaziman Denies Censorship Goal Digital Gap Between Rural and Urban Malaysian Minister Hatches Blog Control Plan Pahang Gets RM76m to Promote Hi-Tech Activities TPHILIPPINES: Two Multi-Billion ICT Projects Approved SINGAPORE: Net Over E-news Sites BANGLADESH: State Committee Proposes Vo IP Licences for All to Ease ILD Congestion Broadband Policy Likely to Be Approved by June INDIA: More Allocations on National E-Governance Programmes in Annual Budget India Targets for 20 Million Broadband Connections by 2010 Indian Railways Plans to Set Up GSM Network in Trains Minister for IT in India Unveils 26 Projects Under Ne GP Karnataka (India) Govt.

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Organisations campaign for various matters, from gaining better access to facilities to getting British Sign Language taught in mainstream schools.

It’s difficult to find a central list of what campaigns exist out there, and what they do.

However, the Government proposed cuts to the funds available to BSL users, leaving inadequate funds for interpreters and limiting their job prospects.

Stop changes to Access to work was set up in Autumn 2013 to protest the changes and stop the government making the workplace less accessible for deaf people.

Plans to Digitally Connect 4000 Villages NEPAL: Govt. to Implement Rural ICT Scheme PAKISTAN: IT Parks Planned in Major Cities 'Software Business Accelerator' Programme Launched Programme on 'IT Drive' Inaugurated 3G Licenses May Be Issued This Year AUSTRALIA: $162.5 Million for Australian Broadband Guarantee Rudd Proposes $4.7bn National Broadband Network DVD, Game Ads Get the All-Clear Nats Plug Own Broadband Plan Media Reform CMoving into the Digital Age Labor Broadband Blowout Access Card Heads Back to Senate Minister Calls for Improved Broadband Statistics FIJI: Military Closes Blogs Critical of Government and Army NEW ZEALAND: Government Sticks to Telecom Plan Views Sought on Telecom Operational Separation - Minister of Communications Media Statement AFRICA: Nigeria - Yar' Adua's IT Imperatives for Digital Presidency EUROPE: EU EGov RTD2020 Project C Have Your Say on EGovernment EU: Towards a European EID System German Government Plans to Use Open Document Formats in Its Administration Hungary Launches E-Customs Project Ireland Scores Well for M-government ITALY: New EGovernment Directive to Speed Up Innovation Norwegian Government Goes Live with Major Online Information Management Solution Britain's Public Sector Bosses Learnt to Lead at an Early Age UK: It's Time for Inclusive E-Government NORTH AMERICA: Bahamas Government Pushes E-Government Campaign US: E-Procurement Pays Its Own Way - Strategic Sourcing and E-Procurement Transform Purchasing in De Kalb County, Ga.

US: Oklahoma Web Portal Receives Third Statewide Award for Innovation SOUTH AMERICA: Jamaican Government Gets High Marks for Telecoms Framework CHINA: Jury Still Out on Court's Sentence-making Computer Software Online Platform to Be Built for Poverty Reduction HK Launches Legal Information Website for General Public Over 85% of China's Gov't Organs Online JAPAN: Officials' Briefings on Net Rubbing Press Clubs the Wrong Way The Japanese Government Looks to Go Open Source Few Lawmakers Found Using 50 Bil.

This course is managed in a safe, private environment where your issues are attended to with love and you are guided with care.

There are weekly writing assignments, videos to watch and discussion questions to answer that are posted in our private Facebook group.

You will need access to a webcam, microphone, laptop and Facebook to complete this program successfully.

This program operates like much like group counseling sessions and specifically caters to women who want to be stronger in their personal lives.

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