First time activation of your voicemail must be completed from your office location.

After activation, you will be able to access your voicemail by phone or online, from anywhere.

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You can access your voicemail by phone or online anywhere in the world.

For security purposes, you must use your office phone to set up and activate your voicemail.

We recommend that you change the default password and create a personalized greeting that your callers will hear when they reach your voicemail.

Please note that each line has its own voicemail, and will need to be set up individually.

You can schedule an alternate greeting up to 90 seconds long that will play when your personal greeting isn't scheduled, after hours and on weekends.

Set up an alternate greeting from the main menu: My Account provides a convenient option to access your voicemail.

You finally got up the guts to call her…or perhaps she even invited you to call her through an email. Maybe she just didn't recognize your phone number and thought you might be another lousy politician.

Maybe she's in a meeting, or at her yoga class, or watching an episode of The Real Housewives.

SMS messages only work in the US at the moment I believe.

(Every provider works differently outside the US, some may work)2.

We cover follow-ups a lot in the main DVD but here’s some additional advice in regards to voicemail. Example of a bad voicemail to leave a girl First, let me tell you what kind of messages most guys tend to leave on a girl’s voicemail. The fact is, a typical girl who gives out her number to many guys will hear that kind of message so many times it almost becomes comical to her… If she replies to it at all, it will be on a whim or because the guy managed up to that point to do everything else right to totally attract her. Leaving any other kind of message, or not leaving a message at all, less than half will call back and some of them will take a while.