Yet she is idealistic enough to prove to them she has every right to be their equal.Then one broken ocffee maker changes her all work and no play lifestyle..

KUNG LAOS NA SYA SIGURO WALA NA SYANG GMA SHOWS...Fernandez Concert Queen Noon, Nasan Na *****!


Si Darna ay isang kathang-isip na tauhan ng Pinoy Komiks na nilikha at binigyang buhay ng batikang Pilipinong Manunulat na si Mars Ravelo noong dekada 50s.

Isang tunay na Super Pinoy Hero na lubos na kinasabikan, pinuri, kinaluguran at pinanabikan ng sambayang Pilipino dahil sa taglay niyang lakas, ganda at karisma sa madla.

After exhibiting impressive talent and getting noticed, he went through the common track.

From stage, he moved on to movies, where the audiences discovered his skills as an entertainer.

She meets Tonchi (Gabby Concepcion), an all around technician.

His fresh, outlook and happy go lucky approach to life lure her to get closer to him and her once boring life turns to red as passion and intimate moments color it.

Viewers were moved by his acting and after a couple of hit movies, TC was soon in the big league.

Still, he did not rest, as he pursued other venues and other ways to entertain people.

She feels happy with Tonchi even if they are from two different worlds.