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There is a primary concentration of midden below Rockshelter B, with slope wash extending down the slope nearly to the drainage. on file, California Department of Parks and Recreation, Cultural Resources Section, Sacramento.

Cultural materials were also present in Rockshelter C, and in extremely small quantities in Rockshelter B. Archaeological Investigations at CA-MER-27: Phase II.

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The cultural material is located both within and below a sandstone outcrop containing several small rockshelters (Figure 2).

The site's dimensions are approximately 30 meters north-south (up and down the slope), and 20 meters east-west along the sloping hillside.

This report details the methods utilized and summarizes the results obtained from limited test excavations at archaeological site CA-FRE-1333, a small rockshelter and associated midden located in the White Creek area of western Fresno County, California. California Department of Parks and Recreation Archaeological Report 12.

The excavations were conducted by Archaeological Consulting during September of 1986 under contract CA950-CT6-30, issued by the Bureau of Land Management, Sacramento.

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