In railways, the most important specification is that of rail gauge, the distance between the inner surfaces of the heads of the travel rails.Both track and wheel bogies must be built to the same gauge; unless the two fit together within a typical tolerance of 13 mm (0.5 in) on the track, the train will either fall off the track or it will be impossible to go through switches or crossovers.

However, there is a small tolerance; for example, the Hong Kong MTR ) gauge rails (but not vice versa), with a locomotive or a KCR EMU pulling due to different electrification voltages.

Another example would be Finno-Russian border: when in the Seventies the Soviet Union redefined the breadth of a Russian gauge from the traditional five feet (1524 mm) to exactly 1520 mm, the Finnish railways stuck with the old value.

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The school still remembers this with a plaque in the central area, a junction of corridors known as 'Piccadilly'.

The President of Bridewell Royal Hospital (the title was kept after the move of location) is now The Duchess of Gloucester, appointed from 1 January 2006. The school's creation was sanctioned by the same charter as that of Christ's Hospital and St Thomas' Hospital.HDB to build three-room flats again Lydia Lim TOP OF THE NEWS HDB home owners desperately seeking an affordable three-room flat should be able to get one soon.Pent-up demand for these flats should be eased now that the HDB is to begin building such flats again in the second ifl Bftjfl^^^.^B^Lflftfl L^^fl' ft VJX. Belén; Kingah, Stephen; López Ramos, Santiago; Luna, Cristina; Riggirozzi, Pía; Rojas Mattos, Marcelo; Pippo, Tomás; Tobar, Katherine and Ueleres, José (2015). Zur Verknüpfung von Macht, Emotion und Vernunft in Deutschland. Amaya, Ana B.; Cabral, Cesar R.; Clavell, Elena; Coitiño, Andrés; De Lombaerde, Philippe; Giler, Gustavo; Faria, Mariana; Herrero, M. Unpacking the Collection: Networks of Material and Social Agency in the Museum. PAGE 24 Hard-earned Adventure playground The Blue Mountains offer the chance of an adrenaline shot in beautiful surroundings, as their chasms are perfect for canyoning.