But just what is it that we find so fundamentally wrong and offensive about the male-heel? Admittedly, all styles wax and wane, but despite the best efforts of the entertainment industry, no-one has rescued cowboy boots from the dingy corners of ridicule and obscurity. Gene Hunt spent much of Ashes to Ashes strutting about London, kicking arse and taking names in a slinky pair of snakeskin numbers.

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Sean wasn't the only one left heartbroken when Susan dumped him on Married At First Sight.

The show's viewers also recoiled in shock and despair as the lovable cowboy saw his relationship come crashing down at the final vow renewal ceremony on Sunday night's episode.

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Are there any single cowboys/country boys out there in Manitoba?

Yet even when presented with the unwavering endorsement of these masculine heroes, there will be those amongst you continuing to irrationally scoff at the idea.

To the naysayers, I ask one question: how can you be irreversibly against the idea of buying a pair of cowboy boots when, for the last two years, you have left our streets unchecked, to slowly drown in the bounteously more ludicrous top-knot, or indeed any number of derisible hipster trends?Gone is the heyday of the Western, and for the last few decades these boots have served only as objects of ridicule. Earlier this year, Xander Zhou, Tiger of Sweden and Topman Design all showcased Cuban-heeled boots during their London Collections Men runway shows for autumn 2015.Which suggests that the much-maligned cowboy boot is about to have a renaissance - and I, for one, am glad.Fans were quick to take to social media and dub the saga 'the year's worst breakup'.Susan was also labeled a 'devil' for her decision to part ways with the man who seemed to be perfect for her.And if so, how do you find them when they spend all their time working their farms? "Well all the guys in Manitoba got ridden so hard and put away wet by all them Manitoba women that they all got on their under worked horses and left the province!