Give him and Iliana some benefit of the doubt and a certain amount of privacy.I wouldn't have even mentioned any of this, except he decided to put up a video because of all the comments that are being written on his channel and videos. It's probably something to do with the red shirt and red brim on his hat playing tricks with the camera, but wow - majorly red look to him in this video.The masterpost of other videos and collabs that Amazingphil and Danisnotonfire are featured in with various Youtubers and channels!

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Trained as a professional circus juggler in her youth, she later moved to acting and video creation.

In 2006 she started the You Tube channel Olga Kay, creating shows such as Emo Girl and Olga Kay's Show.

That was too bad because the vlog gave fans of his main channel a chance to see Ray "behind-the-scenes" and a closer look than his Equals 3 persona allows.

Always gotta go with Pittsburgh otherwise Uncle Terry will be giving me the stink eye over the potato salad at our next family reunion.

FXX plans include featuring "original and acquired comedy series" of which Ray's comedy appears to be one.

First, watch this video where they discuss some preliminary plans.

Timothy De La Ghetto and his hot girlfriend have decided to break things off. There was some rumors going around about our boy Tim steppin' out with someone and it looks like he and Iliana have decided to part ways and call it quits.

Which is too bad, but like Tim says - "It's life." Since I wasn't there it would be pretty low of me (or you) to comment on any misbehaviour on anyone's part and you can speculate as much as you want, but remember, this is real life, NOT Youtube.

Which seems to have been successful with the recent announcement that it looks like Ray sold a comedy about his life to FX, a television channel available by cable and satellite owned by Fox Entertainment Group which is itself a division of News Corp.