Students were predominantly from Nigeria and more than ever before it was evident that there is a need, as well as a desire for some, to learn more in the science and technology of packaging.

Besides Pierre Pienaar, Kishan Singh, from South Africa, also conducted the program.

Here they are: The site's front page was last accessed by Qirina at UTC on January 8, 2017.

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The museum was originally only for the history of Gansu itself, but was re-purposed in 1956 to be a natural history museum, after three years of renovations.

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But is it just a crush, friendship or are those feelings mutual?After three years, WPO ( was back in Lagos, Nigeria, supporting a training program in Packaging Technology given by Pierre Pienaar, WPO Vice President Education and member of AIP (Australian Institute of Packaging), a WPO member.It was a 3 days residential training program (RTP) in Food and Beverage Packaging Technology.The number of phrases above the threshold was twelve. If the niche has been incorrectly identified,'s performance can probably be substantially improved by on-site SEO.The size of the lexicon (number of unique words) is only 159.