You should be oozing confidence and charm, by the way you talk and walk towards him.

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you’re supposed to be having fun and talking about something serious would just be a mood killer.” Dirty talking is probably the most acceptable and common type of sex talk.

It’s a pretty good thing, and science has proven that it actually excites the brain and enhances the experience.

I can’t count how many Ecuadorian Kichwa grandmas have told me sex-related jokes, or have gone on talking about their long-ago trysts.

Wouldn’t it be great to connect with native Spanish speakers on this realest of levels?

By dirty, I don’t mean “yeah I haven’t taken a shower in like, 3 days..” cause that’ll ruin it altogether.

If you’re comfortable with whoever you’re having sex with, it should be easy to get a few good dirty words and phrases in there to make the sex that much better.

Have you ever accidentally said one and been left wondering what happened? Heck, sometimes you’ll use these normal words in the context and still have people chuckling around you.

It might be because you put too much emphasis on the word, or because you gave a long pause at the wrong time and let peoples’ minds go to the gutter.

(In true Cosmo spirit, however, Coles made sure to mention that Kelly, an astronaut, would be an ideal candidate for the magazine’s Hottest Bachelors list, were he not married to Giffords.) Later this month, expect to see Coles brushing shoulders with more politicos at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Changes in the magazine’s tone around sex and relationships have been subtler.

And once you solve the mystery you’ll have new curses and dirty words you can use in jokes and raunchy stories.