It wasn't sex per se, but it was its nascent beginnings.

While his classmates talked non-stop about which movie stars they thought were hot, eyed each other in the hallway, and made their first, awkward attempts at dating, Jay was left feeling distinctly out of the loop."I just didn't get it," he recalls.

You must visit a driver license office and bring the necessary documents to replace a lost or stolen driver license or ID card.

This is across GMSD – all faculty, staff, students, and parents are encouraged to show our support for our Houston Football team by wearing black on Friday! Please see this parent letter which provides information regarding flu precations and symptoms.

GMSD Coordinated School Health also has posted resources on the departmental website.

GERMANTOWN, TN--AUGUST 8th--We appreciate your patience with bus transportation matters as our team works hard to assist Durham in these first few weeks. Please reach out to our transportation team IMMEDIATELY with the following information: Having been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 4, Annie had wished there was some sort of literature to help explain to her what all was happening and provide some sort of comfort.

Finding few resources, Annie and her mother then decided to create their own.

Check out the announcement for Houston Appreciation Weekend below.

Full time driver license offices are open Monday through Friday.

Clare has been an exceptional STEM student since she began middle school and was nominated for this academic devotion, as well as her leadership capabilities and potential in the engineering and technological fields, for an extremely rigorous summer STEM camp.

Success is a trademark of Houston excellence in all areas from academia to athletics to arts.

This excellence was especially seen this past week with many Houston athletics teams competing at the state level.

Many Honors and Advanced Placement courses require summer homework assignments to maintain and extend background knowledge and skills in preparation for the rigor of the courses for the fall.

Visit our online services page to see if you can skip the trip entirely.