If we love God, He really will work everything (even rejection) for our good, even if it doesn’t feel possible at the time.By way of example, I can share stories of singles who were heartbroken because their girlfriends or boyfriends broke up with them.The rejection bug infects all of us from time to time. If you have read the news recently, you’ll see that even outwardly beautiful and famous people like Christine Brinkley and Jennifer Aniston suffer rejection.

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Have you ever dated someone who was really religious and he/she chose religion over you?

The thing is, I’m not of any religion, but I’m pretty open-minded.

What started off as innocent comments like, “Katie always has mounds of dirty laundry all over her dorm, and her socks could knock out Goliath!

” quickly turned to more personal issues like, “Katie’s so needy. ” Kevin never intended to be mean; he wanted feel justified and to maybe let off a little steam.

QUESTION: My boyfriend recently broke up with me stating that "something felt wrong deep in his heart." It really devastated me, as I thought he would be the man I was to eventually marry.

I have been experiencing the grief that comes with ending an intimate relationship but the more time that passes the more I get a feeling of "wrongness" in my heart.

It doesn’t matter whether the rejection occurs while asking someone out on an initial date, or in the middle of a long term relationship. I can still recall that lost, empty feeling I had as a teenager after my first girlfriend pushed the rejection button on our dating relationship of one week. Just shut up and be with me if you wish, but don’t get preachy until I have time to process.

Anyway, I suppose most of you already know this wonderful promise from Romans .

Most Christian singles dating advice experts suggest that the primary purpose of a dating relationship is to determine whether or not the relationship is a match that willl lead toward marriage.

The problem is that many singles stay in potentially harmful dating relationships they should have ended long ago.

However, months later they were thanking God for having been rejected because had that not happened, they never would have met their present soulmates.