On the teen drama, their characters had an on-and-off again relationship that began in season three.

It's not so much a nervous factor but it can be a little awkward if you don't know the person.

If you aren't familiar with the person you are making out with you never know how far they are going to go or how much they are going to put into it.

We like working together and being on set together but I really don't know.

Personally, I think Liam and Naomi are going to be one of those power couples that are going to eventually end up together.

@shenaegrimesbeech1” Grimes then posted her own version captioning it “Always nice to bump into my pal @mattlanter and his wifey!!!

Xx” Grimes and Lanter played Annie and Liam on the CW reboot of The show went off the air in May 2013.Diana Ross' son joins the cast of "Charlie and Liam are estranged," the actor explains."His half-brother hasn't been in his life so they don't have a good relationship. They can read plays and Shakespeare together, and that's something Liam doesn't have — something more worldly, cultured, maybe." lands soap star Blair Redford Lanter is rooting for Liam and Annie to make it long term.The two posted an adorable picture on Instagram at a New Year’s Eve party that warmed our hearts.Lanter posted the sweet picture first writing “Look who I found at last night's NYE festivities!!We share a kiss," Lanter teased during a break from filming a rather hot scene — not involving Annie — from a future episode.