The bank told me I had to wait until she made on-time payments for 48 consecutive months.

Last June, I saw on my credit report that she made enough payments to pass that threshold. Thanks, First, let's acknowledge something obvious to me, but perhaps not so much to you.

If you've recently used an eligible Discover card to make a purchase on it will be automatically enrolled unless you've previously disabled the card for use with Shop with Points or you've asked Discover card not to share personal account information with third parties.

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If your rewards program provider has recently sent you a new card, please enroll the new card before using Shop with Points.

When you use your Apple ID to sign in to the i Tunes Store, App Store, or i Books Store for the first time, you're asked to enter a payment method so that you can purchase items from the store.

A credit card is also required to set up accounts for children. You can choose to remove the payment method for your existing Apple ID after you have signed in to the i Tunes Store, App Store, or i Books Store.

You won't be asked for a payment method again until you make a purchase.

More than a decade ago, I co-signed an $18,000 loan for my son's fiancee.

Her parents had stopped giving her money, so I stepped in to help. She later dumped my son and is now married to another man. For years, I have tried to be released as a co-signer.

You can generate and validate credit card numbers directly from the app, making it easy to use on the go as well.

Validation in particular would be useful if you were accepting credit card payments on your own site and wanted to make sure the cards were legit.

Follow these steps if you don't want to associate a payment method with your account.