Frauen werden nur benötigt, um Telefongespräche zu führen und Männer zu beruhigen, die Verdacht geschöpft haben, oder um überwiesene Geldbeträge zu beheben – natürlich mit gefälschtem Ausweis.In letzter Zeit haben russische Betrüger damit begonnen, Proxy-Server oder gefälschte IP-Adressen zur Verschleierung ihres Standorts einzusetzen.

It does so by providing wireless transmission of digital signals through the atmosphere in the unlicensed infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The man behind a sick 'suicide game' aimed at children has been inundated with love letters from teenage girls addressed to him at a Russian jail where he is in custody.

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Scammers change their names and pictures as soon as they learn that those pictures appeared on the black lists.

Learn about scam tactics and look for their modus operandi, and you will be much better off.

Psychologist Veronika Matyushina said: 'Most likely, those young girls who fell in love with Philip Lis were not receiving enough love and attention from their parents, and this handsome young man from the Internet provided certain support for them and gave that attention they needed.'This is where romantic feelings were born.'Some estimates say hundreds of Russian teenagers - the vast majority female - have died after becoming fixated with these online death groups.

If you do not see the name or the pictures of the person in question on the black lists, do not assume that it is "safe" to send money to that person.

Mark Zuckerberg has described the team as "the international Olympiad computing champions...[who] did an awesome job of cloning Facebook." Vizerra is a 3D visualization company that enables architects, engineers and designers to turn their CAD models into immersive 3D worlds.