Upon first look, Choma works just like any other online platform for young women however, behind the classic lifestyle content, there is a lot more to be found. Members can interact in forums and chatrooms or pose questions direct to the Choma team.

Female cyber infidelity is creating the groundswell we are seeing in the changing face of modern marriages and relationships.

I feel the earth tremble with the many, many women who lie quivering in front of their laptops as they sex themselves up for an offline sexual encounter.

Infidelity has always posed one of the worst threats to relationships.

But today, our digital prowess has led to a disturbing and as yet little understood new form of infidelity: cyber infidelity.

With no expectation but a sexually satisfying time with a stranger who will fill a gap before they pick up their kids and go home to a happy marriage.

Online platform Choma has set itself the goal of using interactive means to tackle a rather hefty topic: prevention of HIV transmission in South Africa.It also bears saying that if you are the type of person constantly on the lookout for signs that civilization is crumbling, you’ll probably find your evidence everywhere from Marikana to Miley Cyrus.CAPE TOWN - A child rights NGO says online sexual predators are on the rise in South Africa.Approximately 400,000 new HIV infections are reported every year in South Africa.Half of these cases involve young women aged between 15 – 25 years old.Many of these infections could be avoided were it not for a lack of knowledge.