“It’s part of our baptismal vocation as Lutherans,” Lohre said.

We’ve grouped the regions of Auvergne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Rhône-Alpes to create the South East area of France.

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It may be tricky to get a game at Prince de Provence, but it’s resort golf at its absolute finest at the 36-hole Four Seasons Terre Blanche.

Heading down to the south of France you’ll find the Pete Dye and PB Dye layout at Barbaroux, Léonard Morandi and Donald Harradine’s Nimes-Campagne, Robert von Hagge’s Royal Royal Mougins and the highly regarded Gary Player-designed Chateau de Taulane among numerous other fine French golf courses.

For a mother, the lyrics cannot have been easy listening.

As Carol relays their story, Daniel sits patiently opposite her, sipping a Coke.

Weakened by pneumonia, he might have passed out, but if so, why were younger sister Heather's clothes drenched? The sisters avoided discussing the obvious, and over the years their mother sank into schizophrenia.

In Allentown, Pa., Jewish students at Muhlenberg College’s Hillel began the school year with “Havdalah and S’mores,” ritually marking the end of Shabbat with a Havdalah ceremony and then hosting a bonfire with snacks.Her father "loved the police almost as much as he loved the army and was thrilled to see so many of them carrying guns these days." At the center of this colorful troupe are sisters Ismay and Heather, who live in a house divided into two generations and two eras: pre- and post-murder.Twelve years ago, at the age of 15, Ismay found her mother's new husband, Guy, drowned in the bath.Credit: Courtesy of Ben Colahan Abdula Hulwe (left), an Islamic Army chaplain; the deputy chief of chaplains for the Jordanian armed forces; a tour guide; and Scottie Lloyd toured the Roman ruins in Amman, Jordan, as part of their relationship-building and better understanding of each other’s faiths and cultures.Credit: Courtesy of Scottie Lloyd Fred Schenker and his family designed a 2016 presidential election yard sign to help send a positive message of hope and unity. Credit: Courtesy of Fred Schenker As Christians, we are called to love and serve the neighbor. ”—has been one the ELCA has explored since its founding in 1988.Read More Nîmes Campagne is located in the South of France on hilly heavily wooded terrain.